HI-MACS Solid Surface Counter Review

Hi-Macs Count Crack

In one word, HI-MACS Solid Surface Counters SUCK and LG Hausys customer service is even worse. Okay, that’s probably the only time you will ever see me use that word here but I have had such problems with them that I am livid.

So why am I reviewing this product on a garden blog. Well I put in huge HI-MACS counters in my farm house kitchen with one purpose – lot’s of room to prep my fruits and vegetables. So I think that qualifies them as a garden tool.

I have spent the last four year’s remodeling the house and getting it ready for my move last June. The counters were the last thing I did inside the house other than the blinds. A while after having the HI-MACS solid surface counters installed I decided to dust them off and noticed they were spider cracking in a back corner between my microwave and coffee pot. A corner I never used. I reported it to LG Hausys customer service.

Then in June when I moved in I naturally started preparing meals for myself. Within a few days I noticed a large crack on the edge of my bar top behind the stove. So I contacted LG Hausys customer service for a second time. And that’s where the frustration began.

They said they would send a technician out to see what the problem was. After four calls to the technician to set up a time, I called the warranty company and complained that he would not call me back. They made a call and he finally called. When he did finally come out he was delayed multiple times (his car kept overheating) and I missed a whole day of work.

So what did he say about the HI-MACS counters…

He rapped on the HI-MACS acrylic counter in the corner where it cracked and declared that the installer did not put enough support under the counter. He then went to the crack in the bar top and felt along the edge. He said that the crack was caused by me using the back burners on the stove. He invited me to feel the edge as well as the backsplash and sure enough, you could feel where the Hi-MACS was melting behind each burner.

So what did I find out about the HI-MACS counters…

I received a short email that my warranty was declined for misuse of the Hi-MACS Solid Surface Counters. I wrote back asking for an explanation. LG Hausys customer service sent me the “report” that said there was not enough support used in the back corner and I “misused” the other section. LG Hausys customer service said that there was only one way the counter could have cracked and that was by me setting a hot pan or crock pot directly on the HI-MACS counter. I wrote back and explained that it was impossible to set something on a vertical surface, but nice try. So they changed their story. Now they say I applied “excessive heat.”

I objected, naturally and asked for LG Hausys’s installation manual and asked for further explanation on the term ‘excessive heat.” No further explanation came for the excessive heat term, but evidently you are not supposed to use the back burners on the stove if you have HI-MACS as a backsplash. It melts at an extremely low temperature.

As for the cracking, when I got the installation specs and measured the bracing under the counter it turns out the counter was installed correctly. So LG Hausys changed their story again and said I put a heavy load on the counter. Not possible since it had never been used and the corner is blocked by a microwave and coffee maker.

I told LG Hausys that I am a single guy and hardly use the back burners and the other counter hadn’t been used. I also explained that their territory rep said it was fine to use behind the stove although the remodelers and counter top people I talk to say they NEVER use it as a backsplash.

They then made me an offer. I pay for all the labor to fix the HI-MACS counter problems and they pay for material. Funny, since they told me in order to match the counter they would have to use the material I had left over. I turned down LG Hausys’s offer and explained why and now they will not respond. So I guess its time to take them to small claims court.

As a consumer I am required to give them a chance to fix the problem, but I am not required to pay for it. The HI-MACS Solid Surface Counter warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. LG Hausys will not stand behind their product and care nothing about unhappy customers.

I you have a HI-MACS backsplash behind your stove, feel it and see if it is melting. And let me know what you find. If you are considering a solid surface counter material, stay away from LG Hausys HI-MACS. It SUCKS! And there are much better companies out their that stand behind their products.


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  1. Thank you so much for this review. I had been thinking about purchasing this counter top for my kitchen, but after reading several reviews, I have decided to look at something else.

    I will be retiring in just a few years, and I do not want to install a problem. I have a small condo with a galley kitchen in a retirement community, so you know I do not have a lot of money, but I did not want Formica. I will go back to Home Depot, and even to Lowe’s, to find something better, even if I have to spend a little more.

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