Oregon Native Bees Found on Farm

Synhalonia on Phacelia

Oregon has around 500 species of native bees and I was curious to find out which ones were flying about my farm. So I anxiously awaited a report from Sarah Kincaid’s first trapping session. Sarah is spearheading the Oregon Bee Project which is a cooperative effort between the Oregon Department of Agriculture and other collaborators. Its aim is to protect Oregon pollinators that are vital to the state’s production of specialty crops.

Here is a list of what was found in the first trapping session:

Bombus californicus
Bombus mixtus
Halictus tripartitus
Lasioglossum trizonatum
Ceratina acantha
Agapostemon virescens
Halictus rubicundus

If you want help identifying the bees on your property, here is a link to Oregon State University’s Pocket Field Guide: Native Bees of the Willamette Valley