Plant Clips Are A Gardener’s Ultimate Friend

Years ago I was asked to review a new garden product called the Ultimate Plant Clip. They are designed to take the place of any number of garden products used to tie up lanky perennials and unruly vines. I thought perhaps the word ‘ultimate’ might be a little bit of an oversell, but what the heck, gardeners are notorious for boastful sales copy.

These plant clips are made of recyclable plastic and can secure plant stems up to 1/2″ in diameter. The design allows it to Continue reading “Plant Clips Are A Gardener’s Ultimate Friend”


HI-MACS Solid Surface Counter Review

In one word, HI-MACS Solid Surface Counters SUCK and LG Hausys customer service is even worse. Okay, that’s probably the only time you will ever see me use that word here but I have had such problems with them that I am livid.

So why am I reviewing this product on a garden blog. Well I put in huge HI-MACS counters in my farm house kitchen with one purpose – lot’s of room to prep my fruits and vegetables. So I think that qualifies them as a garden tool.

I have spent the last four year’s remodeling the house and getting it ready for my move last June. The counters were the last thing I did inside the house other than the blinds. A while after having the HI-MACS solid surface counters installed I decided to dust them off and noticed they were spider cracking in Continue reading “HI-MACS Solid Surface Counter Review”


Ollas and Water-Wise Gardening

For the past twelve years or so I have been testing many garden products. Most of them are simple improvements on old designs. But I must confess, I am a simple guy and I tend to stick to the basics. I would rather carry around a quality hori hori than a bucket of tools, each with a specific function. However there are times when a specialized tool or piece of equipment is needed. And so started the search for a solution I had to a watering problem which ended when I discovered the wonders of the olla.

There are a number of places on my property that are not easy to water. In one location I have maxed out my drip irrigation system and hand watering is the only way to keep additional plants alive. In another area, the garden space has a building on one side, concrete on two sides and a gravel driveway on the fourth side. In addition, the water source is quite a distance away. So dragging a hose around has been my only option.

My Introduction to Ollas

Then I met Luisa of Plug and Play Gardens who introduced me to the wonderful world of ollas. Ollas (pronounced “oy-yahs”) are unglazed Continue reading “Ollas and Water-Wise Gardening”