HI-MACS Solid Surface Counter Review

In one word, HI-MACS Solid Surface Counters SUCK and LG Hausys customer service is even worse. Okay, that’s probably the only time you will ever see me use that word here but I have had such problems with them that I am livid.

So why am I reviewing this product on a garden blog. Well I put in huge HI-MACS counters in my farm house kitchen with one purpose – lot’s of room to prep my fruits and vegetables. So I think that qualifies them as a garden tool.

I have spent the last four year’s remodeling the house and getting it ready for my move last June. The counters were the last thing I did inside the house other than the blinds. A while after having the HI-MACS solid surface counters installed I decided to dust them off and noticed they were spider cracking in Continue reading “HI-MACS Solid Surface Counter Review”