Ollas and Water-Wise Gardening

For the past twelve years or so I have been testing many garden products. Most of them are simple improvements on old designs. But I must confess, I am a simple guy and I tend to stick to the basics. I would rather carry around a quality hori hori than a bucket of tools, each with a specific function. However there are times when a specialized tool or piece of equipment is needed. And so started the search for a solution I had to a watering problem which ended when I discovered the wonders of the olla.

There are a number of places on my property that are not easy to water. In one location I have maxed out my drip irrigation system and hand watering is the only way to keep additional plants alive. In another area, the garden space has a building on one side, concrete on two sides and a gravel driveway on the fourth side. In addition, the water source is quite a distance away. So dragging a hose around has been my only option.

My Introduction to Ollas

Then I met Luisa of Plug and Play Gardens who introduced me to the wonderful world of ollas. Ollas (pronounced “oy-yahs”) are unglazed Continue reading “Ollas and Water-Wise Gardening”