Building a Hibernaculum

In the Willamette Valley, we do not have winters with prolonged deep freezes. So if you want to build your own hibernaculum here in Oregon, most of the plans online will not be appropriate. Our frost line rarely exceeds seven inches and building a hibernaculum six feet deep is a waste of time.

I am in the USDA plant hardiness zone 8b with winter temps down to 10 – 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  Reptiles for the most part only need to be twelve or so inches underground to be safe. So here is my hibernaculum plan:

Picking a Hibernaculum Site

Hibernaculum sites should be sloped Continue reading “Building a Hibernaculum”


Hibernaculum: Build It and They Will Come

All my life I have been an amateur herpetologist and when I moved to my farm, one of the first thing I wanted to build was a hibernaculum. As a kid, I would spend hours with my brother catching reptiles and amphibians and keeping them for days to study. My mother was a saint and put up with many a loose critter in the house. Most of them were snakes.

That phase of my life is behind me and while my interest has not waned, I would rather enjoy the snakes in their natural Continue reading “Hibernaculum: Build It and They Will Come”